What your donation provides

To keep the centre open costs around £300 a week. Some clients need nothing more than access to a free pregnancy test to give them peace of mind and a safe, supportive environment in which to get their result. Others need ongoing support following the loss of a pregnancy.

£4 provides an information pack and work book to accompany the year 6 Sex and Relationship and Protective Behaviours programme.

£30 trains an advisor to carry out Chlamydia testing, pregnancy testing and contraception advice with young people.

£50 to educate an ASET presenter on safeguarding

£250 trains an advisor in counselling skills in unintended pregnancy

£300 trains an advisor to provide ongoing support to women and men affected by miscarriage, still birth or termination for medical reasons.

£300 a week keeps our centre open for two days so we can provide a safe place to talk, free from judgement…..

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