Post miscarriage support

A miscarriage can be a very difficult experience for many women – and men too. Most people are left with feelings of great sadness and regret. You might feel shocked and confused. You may feel angry – at fate, at your partner, at other women who seem to have no problems getting and staying pregnant. Many people don’t realise that women (and their partners) experience grief following a miscarriage and people suffering this loss can feel very alone.

Alternatives Stamford provides support for those who are affected following a miscarriage. It is a 12 week course, one to one with a trained advisor. Whether the miscarriage was a recent event or if it was a long time ago, we are here to listen to you and provide a safe and confidential place to talk.

“We can’t change the past, we don’t know the future, but we can change the way we think”.

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