John and Jessica’s Journey

“Our world fell apart when at 37 weeks our baby boy was stillborn with no known cause. Through the support of the bereavement midwife at Peterborough Hospital we made contact with Alternatives Stamford. Here we met Kate & Helen and started the baby loss journey with them.

The Baby Loss Journey supports grieving parents like us to help them understand all those overwhelming feelings and emotions that come with losing a baby. For us it helped to not only understand our own feelings and responses to losing our son but to understand each other’s and to be able to communicate as a couple about them in turn supporting our relationship.

Understanding that all we felt was a “normal” part of the grieving process and having experienced advisors to guide us through the stages was invaluable, without Alternatives we would not have been able to survive or move forward from our loss. 

Although we still grieve the loss of our baby boy – and I think we always will – we have now been able to move forward in our lives with the knowledge that it is ok to do so, and that we take his memory with us.  Alternatives supported us both through one of the darkest periods in our lives and we will be forever grateful we found them and for their support.”    


Alternatives provides a 12 week course to help parents cope with still birth.

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