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ASET works successfully with young people in Stamford, Rutland and surrounding villages. Our team of highly trained presenters go into primary schools and secondary schools and colleges delivering age appropriate presentations and interactive classroom work to targeted year groups, through lessons and PSHE days.

We believe passionately in reaching out to young people, helping them to understand the benefits of having positive self-esteem, the importance of making healthy, informed choices and acknowledging how precious, unique and valuable they are.

Ofsted is clear that there is a correlation between outstanding PSHE and outstanding schools.

Primary School Programmes

Sex and relationships & Protective Behaviours

A new, exciting and innovative programme for teaching sex and relationships in primary schools has been developed by the Alternatives Stamford Education Team (ASET). Designed to sit inside and compliment the PSHE curriculum at Y5/Y6, this programme can be delivered over a morning and an afternoon session. Content can also be tailored to individual requirements.

The ASET programme is comprehensive, informative, inclusive and is delivered in a friendly, professional format. The content covers facts such as correct names for reproductive organs, puberty, sexual intercourse and the birth of a baby. The second part of the programme introduces ‘Protective Behaviours’. Youngsters are taught to recognise safe and unsafe feelings and given the tools to understand what it is to survive and thrive. We also include setting up networks of trusted adults and activities to encourage students to evaluate possible unsafe situations.

There is a growing demand for children to have compulsory, comprehensive sex and relationships education in both primary and secondary schools. It is vital that our children and young people are equipped with facts in order to help them stay safe. ASET works together with schools in order to achieve this aim. We are delighted that Alternatives is able to offer such a high quality and essential service to our community of local schools.” Mandy Rogers, retired Headteacher of Ketton C of E Primary School, and Trustee of Alternatives

Read more about the Education Programme from Alternatives in this interview with Mandy Rogers

Update 21 May 2015:

Eight local primary schools have signed up for the new Year 6 programme. A unique Pupil Pack has been developed with content specifically written and designed by talented volunteer teachers for ASET. This pack compliments and consolidates information delivered over the two sessions. The presentations are vibrant, informative and also have an element of fun.

We have deliberately limited the amount of schools invited this year and are at capacity. Presentations begin during the second week of June until the end of term. We are so grateful to everyone who has supported this project and are looking forward to taking it into schools and working with children and school staff in Stamford and Rutland.

 Update July 2016:

We have just completed our second successful year delivering sex and relationship education [SRE] and protective behaviours [PB] to primary schools in Lincolnshire and Rutland. The ASET team has received outstanding feedback from children, staff, parents and head teachers. We are hoping to extend our offer in 2017 due to increasing demand. Please read below just a few of the quotes which illustrate the impact our work is having:

“I have enjoyed learning and understanding growing up and now I know there is nothing to be scared of”

“We have learnt new things and asked questions that we normally wouldn’t feel comfortable asking”

“I now recognise that I am unique, valuable and special in my own way”

“I have learnt how to keep myself safe and how to build a network of trusted adults”

” I have learnt how to be safe on the internet, how to survive and thrive and also I recognise my strengths”

“The presentations delivered by the team are excellent. They are highly professional and the taught content relevant, engaging and informative. Highly recommended.” Head teacher

“The sessions sounded open, clear, informative and engaging. I think this kind of education is very important and to have this done so well at school with all their peers, is brilliant.” Parent of Yr 6 Pupil

Other KS2 Presentations

We also offer….

Puberty. An introduction

Bullying & Self-esteem


Secondary School Programme (Y7-13)

We offer a range of high quality presentations specifically tailored for different age groups in secondary schools/colleges.

These include:

Self-esteem and the media

Sexting and Cyber-bullying

Assertive Behaviour and Relationships

Relationships, Sexual Networks & STIs


Risk-taking Behaviour

Pornography: Fantasy vs Reality

What staff say about the presentations:

“Very informative with interaction and discussion”

“Very well presented, clear and friendly”

“The presentation had great detail and the content was set at the right age”

What students say about the presentations

“The presenters really got the message across well and made me think more” Year 7

“The presentation really helped me and now I look at myself in a different way” Year 7

“I learnt about different types of communication and how to use this in an argument” Year 8

“I now know how to identity healthy and unhealthy relationships” Year 8

“Cyber bullying – where to go for help” Year 9

“Sexting and the consequences of having indecent images” Year 9

“Very informative, easy to understand and very well presented” Year 13


Find out more

If you would like us to come to your school, college or youth club, please contact ASET to book a meeting or to talk in more detail about presentation content.

Read an interview with Mandy Rogers, trustee and former headteacher on the Education programme here.

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