Alternatives talks to more than 100 students about sexual health

Sexual Health Week

Educating local teenagers about sexual health is an important part of Alternatives Stamford work, and we have built up a strong relationship with New College Stamford, helping to spread the word about our support services for young people around contraception and unintended pregnancy. (more…)


Nine schools sign up for new ASET Year 6 programme

Alternatives Education Y6 Pupil Pack

ASET is the Alternatives Stamford Education Team – and our mission is to provide carefully designed, age-relevant sex and relationships education to students at local schools and colleges.

We’ve launched two new programmes as well as continuing with ongoing relationships…



Talking to teenagers about porn: fantasy vs reality

Pornography - fantasy vs reality


Today’s teenagers are truly the “porn generation”, with easier access to online pornography than ever.  And porn creates huge pressures on young women and young men – raising unrealistic expectations of appearance and performance, ignoring contraception, fuelling low self-esteem and creating an insidious pressure to experiment sexually.  According to recent research by Bristol University almost half of teenage girls are coerced into sex acts. Click here to read the full article published in The Times.

The education team at Alternatives – Alison and Angeline – have been working closely with the 16-18 year old students at New College Stamford over the last couple of years, and have developed an interactive presentation that explores the reality behind the fantasy of the porn industry.  Before Christmas they ran short 40 minute sessions for over 300 students, split into tutor groups of 20-30.  As word spread about the content, more students joined the sessions, and next month they are back to run five more days of small group presentations.

I caught up with Alison and Angeline to learn more about how they ran these sessions and how it affected the students who took part.


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