About us

Our mission:

To be known in Stamford and district as ‘the safe place to talk’ about unintended pregnancy, baby loss and termination ‘where you know you will be heard’ and to equip young people with the knowledge to make healthy informed choices about relationships and sexual health.

Our services are free, totally confidential and completely unbiased.

“Our world fell apart when at 37 weeks our baby boy was stillborn with no known cause … Alternatives supported us both through one of the darkest periods in our lives and we will be forever grateful we found them and for their support”

Objectives of Alternatives Stamford
(from our charity constitution)

  1. The advancement of education in the subject of pregnancy and the termination of pregnancy and into the effects thereof upon women whether physical, medical or psychological.
  2. The preservation and protection of women’s health.
  3. The provision of advice, counselling and assistance to women and their partners and families who are suffering from any physical or mental illness, distress or poverty during, or as a result of, pregnancy or following an abortion, miscarriage, cot death, still birth or loss of a child.
  4. The promotion of such other charitable purposes which may conveniently be carried on in connection with the above objectives.

Alternatives Staff


Emma James German

Emma James-German – Centre Manager

Read a Q&A with Emma James-German 

Education Manager - SJ

Sarah Jane Sauntson – Education Manager

Gemma Holbird – Education Manager

Carys Vaughan – Education Presenter

Read a Q&A with Sarah Jane and Gemma 

Alice Scott – Advisor

Stella Sandys – Advisor

Rachel Ibbott – Advisor

Vanessa Burton – Clothes & Equipment Support Worker

 Alternatives Trustees

Helen Walton

Helen Walton: Advertisement Director and Lifestyle Coach. Founder and Chair of Trustees of Alternatives. Committed Christian.

Read an interview with Helen about why she founded Alternatives and her aspirations for its work.

Mandy Rogers

Mandy Rogers. Mandy is a retired head teacher. She worked in the primary school sector for many years and is particularly interested in the education work Alternatives offers.

Read an interview with Mandy about her work on the Alternatives Education programme

Steve Marsh

Steve Marsh (Treasurer) is a qualified actuary and has worked for insurance companies in the UK and Australia. He has lived in and around Stamford since 2001 and is active in the local community through a number of voluntary organisations.

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Philip Robson

Philip Robson is the Senior Partner of Stamford solicitors Messrs Daltons. Philip is a committed Christian.


Sara Mann is a practising GP

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